Distinguished Public Figures, Members of the Press, Clients
(and many others) comment on the Visions of America Projects



“As I remarked to you then, I really enjoyed your speech – maybe you should spend some more time on the other side of the lens! That said, I thank you for your book of photographs, really wonderful; enough to make a fellow want to hit the road and see this great country of ours. Where’s a 57 Chevy Convertible when you need one?”

— Michael R. Bloomberg, Mayor, New York City


“To Joseph Sohm with thanks for your photograph for my book (My Life) and photo contributions to the William J. Clinton Presidential Center.”

— President William Jefferson Clinton


“Thank you for participating in “Inside Media” at the Newseum. Your comments at the “Visions of America” Program illustrated how your photographs capture the heart and soul of the nation. The images provided a wonderful backdrop for the program and on the atrium screen for Newseum visitors throughout the Independence Day weekend. We hope you enjoyed the program and look forward to working with you again.”

— Rich Foster, Program Director, Newseum


“I am writing to express my thanks and that of President Bush’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities for your wonderful and generous contributions to the Concert for America. Your stunning photographs evoked the richness and beauty of America complementing the words and music spoken and performed on stage.”

— Henry Moran, Executive Director
President’s Committee on Arts and the Humanities


What an extraordinary vision this book is… I am immersing myself in the pictures and text… Not just the vitality and message of each picture is enjoyable, but the juxtaposition of ideas is both cohesive and diverse. I turn to one set of images and think, "Oh, this is my FAVORITE!" and then keep going and find another and another and another that are literally exhilarating. I don't think he missed a single facet.

Although the picture of the service station features Wayne pumps, not Tokheim which my Dad sold; but at least that bright red Texaco star stands out. Joe Sohm has captured the essence of America in a truly heart warming vision. Many, many thank yous for the perfect gift …

— Emmajane Olsen


"Joseph Sohm is a long-time friend of the Democratic Party, and we have always treasured his beautiful images.  His photographs transcend individual events and people to give us an almost tangible feel for the greater themes of the 1992 campaign:  they tell us not only what happened, but what the campaign was about.  They capture the excitement and exhilaration, the issues and, above all, the people who won this race.  The best photography captures the "truth" of a moment or event.  Joseph Sohm's photos do this."

—Ronald H. Brown, Secretary of Commerce
Chairman, Democratic National Committee
Chairman, Presidential Inaugural Committee



“Among the evening’s most stirring moments were the sublime landscape shots projected over the National Symphony Orchestra.” (NBC’s “Concert for America” at the Kennedy Center, attended by President Bush and featuring Placido Domingo, Kelsey Grammer, Gloria Estefan, Chris Isaak, Angele Bassett, James Earl Jones, Lance Armstrong and Denyce Graves on 9/11/02.)

— David Segal, Washington Post


"Thanks for your help with CNN's recent television show and home video:  "The Road To The White House."  Your photos of President Clinton and Vice-President Gore were a wonderful addition to a critically well-received tape and show.  I wish you continued success on the White House road and off.  Thanks again."

— Glen Kesner
Production Supervisor, CNN Special Reports


"You have a special ability not only to create but to share your vision with your fellow man.  I thank you for your commitment to Merrill Lynch and the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution.”

— Cynthia Evans, V.P. Special Projects
Merrill Lynch, New York


"The premiere of your multi-media show was the high point of our firm's participation in We The People 200 celebration.  The audience response was very enthusiastic.  It was a marvelous show and a great way to entertain our clients."

— Ned Donoghue, Esq.
Dechert Price & Rhoads, Philadelphia


"Just a note to express my sincere appreciation for your most professional presentation.  I had many comments from those in attendance that it was one of the most elegant and thought-provoking presentations they had ever seen.  Again, thanks and congratulations!"

— Joseph E. Jones, V.P.
Conference of State Bank Supervisors, Washington, D.C.


"All of us at the Close Up Foundation are grateful to you for the quality of the "Voices For Tomorrow" video you produced.  I know that those in the Foundation who have been fortunate enough to work with you look forward to additional opportunities to do so."

— Stephen A. Janger
Close Up Foundation, CEO


"The Commission on the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution has recognized your project to be of exceptional merit with national significance and substantial educational and historical value.  You have our congratulations and our gratitude for exceptional involvement in the commemoration of the Bicentennial for the Constitution."

— Mark W. Cannon, Director
Bicentennial of U.S. Constitution, Washington D.C.


"Your presentation was superb!  In fact, the Nabisco representative was just in my office and continued to rave about how fantastic the program was.  The applause was spontaneous and the response was unanimously enthusiastic.  "Visions of America" was without doubt the best program we have ever had."

— Jan Thurback, Executive Director,
Freedom Festival, Evansville, Indiana


"Thursday night's fund-raiser for 1,500 enthusiastic supporters of Jerry Brown went off without a hitch -- from the visually spectacular multi-racial church choir that opened the proceedings to the testimonials from such celebrities as actresses Talia Shire and Bonnie Bedelia."

— Ron Brownstein, Los Angeles Times



Both the technical quality of the presentation and the quality of the creative content make your program an invaluable addition to the national celebration in Philadelphia of the 200th anniversary of the United States Constitution."        

— Fred M. Stein, Executive Director
WE THE PEOPLE 2000, Philadelphia, PA


"This is just a note to let you know what a fine job you did in producing Jerry Brown's WE THE PEOPLE . . . CAN event at the Scottish Rite Auditorium.  I thought it went smoothly, the people enjoyed it very much, and the Brown family was treated with great courtesy and consideration.  I am sure the program helped the campaign raise the funds necessary to bring Jerry's views to the attention of the electorate."

— Edmund G. "Pat" Brown
Former Governor State of California


"MTV was honored to play an important roll in the 1992 Presidential Election.  The music-video you produced and photographed, "Portrait of Change," was an inspiring part of our coverage.  (Your photography is particularly inspiring.)  MTV aired "Portrait of Change" three times on Inaugural Day and was seen by several million people around the world.  Thanks again to you and ChromoSohm Media for providing us this outstanding video.  Keep us in mind for any future projects you are developing."

— Judy McGrath,
Executive VP & Creative Director, MTV


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